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How much do you charge for a course?

If you have launched your own course you will already realise that this is not a simple as it sounds.

If you are coming from an academic background or a professional training company you may already have a good idea of what the market will pay for your training course.

But for most individual course creators it can be very difficult to understand how to price your course.

Are you leaving money on the table because you are charging too little?
Are you losing sales because you are charging too much?


Pimp My Course

Build a community but buy your audience!

Facebook is all about community (so they say), community guidelines, community groups, local pages etc.

But don’t confuse community with followers!

In the old days, you could post on Facebook and most of your followers would see your post. Not any more!

Now only an estimated 3–7% of your followers are likely to see your post.

Therefore Facebook Groups had become a more realistic environment for discussion and conversations to flow. …

It’s one thing for a sleight of hand magician to make a rabbit disappear into thin air. It’s another matter entirely to make the abstract and invisible nature of your course appear as a tangible product in your prospects mind.

How many times have you bought a product on Amazon or eBay which didn’t have a picture of the product? …. Never!

Then why do so many sales pages have nothing except text descriptions about the course?

When buying online consumers want to SEE what they are getting for their money.

The transition to an online economy has been happening for years.

But since the Covid19 pandemic the acceleration has increased, but yet, this still could be the very beginning.

Think about it, how much of your social time, your work time, your shopping, your entertainment is now online? 40%? 50% 60%? Do you think that will increase or decrease in the next 10 years?

As Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality work meetings, drone deliveries, AI predictions, voice search and the many other technologies that are emerging continue to impact our lives, we will move even more of our physical activities online.

We have all seen those episodes of Pimp My Ride, where a shabby old wreck of a car is handed over to experts who will fine-tune the engine until it growls like a bear with a hangover.

They will take out the old seats and replace them with slick racing chairs, spraypaint the metalwork so it looks like the cover of a 1980's heavy metal album. Pimp those wheels with more chrome than a rappers bathroom and cover the underbelly of the beast with so much neon that the car could be seen from the international space station.

Yes, the…

It is so hard not to be cynical these days when it comes to selling online.

The world is inundated with Contrepreneurs, Fake Gurus and Get Rich Quick Scammers, all telling you that you can “automate your income”, or “build a list and retire.” Sadly the online course market is a go-to destination for these unscrupulous types.

however, It’s a pretty poor chicken that can’t find a grain of wheat in a dung heap!

Because many of these “gurus” actually tell the truth about how to build and market your course, it’s just the RESULTS and TIMESCALES that they exaggerate.

Teachable has a host of great functions to build great landing pages for your courses. Multiple landing pages, Guarantee Buttons at checkout and that cool banner widget thingy that makes the header of your page look great. But the best hack right now is in the course information settings!

Yes, I know that that is hardly the coolest places for a hack but trust me it is!

Go into one of your courses, and from the left-hand menu select INFORMATION and then scroll down to DEFAULT PAGES. …

Here are FREE tools to create and launch your first online course.

The Virgin Course Creators Toolkit

First off, you need to decide what course you are creating. Hint: start with a mini-course (for details on how to select one see (The procrastinator’s guide to launching an Online Course in 2020!)

Then you need to map out your course plan Freemind ( is mind mapping software that can help you make sense of all those different topics.

Still deciding what course you should be launching?

FFS, just do it already!!

No seriously, it’s time! The market for online courses has gone full-on Formula 1, world land speed record-breaking, bat-sh*t crazy!

If like any good Procrastinator you are still sitting and mulling over the idea of creating or even launching your online course. Then its time to make some less than perfect decisions before the window of opportunity closes and your left procrastinating as to why you missed out.

The pandemic and rise in home working, Zoom calling and on-demand entertainment has fulled the explosive demand for online learning.

So if you are still sitting on…

Let’s face it we have all had this dream: — “I will create an online course then post about it on my social media and sell some. Hey, if that works maybe I will run a few paid ads and who knows maybe I can sell some more. After all, I read on a blog you can even make millions if you do it right.”

The dream sounds so convincing, so simple, so easy, so certain.

That dream is actually a nightmare! A commitment-nightmare of content creation, black holes in time and money, and around every simple assumption there is…


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