A Brief History of Teachable and Why We Think it’s Amazing!

Reachable is a brand dedicated to building digital marketing solutions and sales funnels for Teachable schools and courses. Some have asked — ‘why Teachable?’ What’s our response? Why not Teachable?! Why not help course creators reach more prospective students who are looking to expand their knowledge base, that sounds like a great use of our expertise! It also helps that Teachable in itself is a great platform, which has plenty of room for integration of other tools and personalisation. Not only this but Teachable loves providing its users with courses and challenges to help grow student numbers. So with all of this, it’s pretty easy to see why Teachable was our obvious choice!

A Brief History of Fedora

After a few days, he convinced his partner Conrad to use his e-learning platform on behalf of his agency, and so, Fedora had it’s first paying customer! After a while, Fedora on-boarded more and more customers and hired contractors to keep up with demand. But there was a problem, Fedora wasn’t built to host multiple courses and it simply didn’t have the technical capacity to keep up. Ankur and Conrad realised they needed to completely rebuild the system if they were ever to compete with the big boys of the e-learning world. This may seem like a huge issue, a negative, a bump in the road, but Ankur and Conrad saw this as an opportunity — an opportunity to build a brand new product as a team, and the product would belong to each of them equally… and that’s exactly what happened.

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Along Came Teachable

“Transparency is one of the four core internal values at Teachable. Outside of compensation information, we believe in making every single aspect of our business transparent internally.” — Ankur Nagpal

So, where is Teachable is 2019? Teachable is now five years old and hosts 25,000 creators who teach 20+ million people! Teachable also consider themselves an ‘employer brand’. What is an employer brand? An employer brand is one that has a reputation of being a great place to work, through incentives, work-life balance and good office morale and due to this, they attract the best talent because everyone wants to work there!. A pretty smart idea if you ask me! Teachable also pride themselves on feature updates and training for creators in order to attract new students.

Do you see why we love Teachable so much now?

And there we have it! Only time will tell where Teachable will go from here, but our guess is the only way is up! And we want to help it get there, any little way we can.

If you’re a course creator or thinking about becoming one, why not contact us and see if we can improve your Teachable digital marketing with our Reachable audit.

Making Teachable Reachable through sales funnel solutions! Sell more courses online. https://www.reachable.agency

Making Teachable Reachable through sales funnel solutions! Sell more courses online. https://www.reachable.agency