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How to make more money from your Teachable course by selling to enterprises using Teachable coupons!

A course sale is one of the best feelings! It means that someone somewhere has read the outline of your course, your testimonials and your own Teachable profile and thought ‘yes, this course seems great! This is exactly what I want to learn for a fair price and I trust the instructor knows what they're talking about’. It’s an amazing feeling. But how would you feel if a whole organisation or enterprise purchased one of your courses… or a whole bunch of courses?!

Corporations, schools and businesses could be learning new skills and becoming more effective at their jobs because of your Teachable course, and the financial return to you would be nice too! But how do you go about making this possible? The answer is coupons!

You may or may not be familiar with coupons, their traditional use is to offer users a certain amount of money off your course. This could be used when you are promoting a new course — you give the first 30 people who enrol 20% off the asking price, or they could be used if a student has had a bad experience with one of your courses, so you give them a coupon code for a different course. Either way, coupons are a pretty cool feature.

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Single-use coupons can be created if you are offering a single student a discount, maybe because they’re a family friend or maybe they’ve won a competition. Each single-use coupon creates a different coupon code. Once a single-use coupon is used once, it is no longer valid

Multiple-use coupons are used if you want to give more than one person the same coupon code to get the same amount of money off one particular course. When creating a multiple-use coupon, you must specify how many people can use this coupon before it expires and becomes invalid.

That sounds great! But what does this have to do with a company buying a course in bulk for their employees? Well, coupons can also be used as a gateway for employees to access a course once it has been bought by a company. Picture this, you can advertise on your Teachable site, a separate price for an enterprise and once they have purchased, their whole team has access. Think about how useful that is for the company and how many more sales your course will get.

So, how do you do this? All you have to do is create a new pricing plan for companies on your Teachable course. Obviously, this should be higher than what you normally charge for the course as more people will be accessing it. To choose a price, you really have to think about what kind of organization will be buying your course. If it’s more targeted towards bigger companies, the price could be higher than if it was targeted towards schools or charities with fewer employees.

Once an organization has purchased the course using your new pricing plan for companies, you just need to create the number of coupons the company requires and set them to give the user 100% off the price of the course. You then send these to the company to distribute amongst their staff.

There are two decisions you have to make before you decide on either single or multiple-use coupons for this method. The first is — how does the organization want to distribute the coupons? If they wish all employees to have the same code, select multiple-use coupons if they wish each student to have an individual code, use single-use coupons.

The next (and niftier) part of this decision goes one step further, what happens if a company loves your teachable school… but different courses relate better to different team members roles? Why not offer them a pricing plan where they can select different courses for different team members? For this, you need to utilize single-use coupons as each student will be accessing different courses, so the coupons must be unique.

In the modern world, organizations are always looking for training courses for their employees to improve productivity, why not make it even easier for and allow them to take your Teachable course at the comfort of their own desk?!… and at the same time, sell more of your courses!

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