My Favourite hack right now (to get more course sales).

And BOOM! there your have it more sales and students!

The more hurdles in the race the greater the number of falls!

Actually, we don’t capture an email address here, we use this HACK to host our Lead Magnets on Teachable.
  1. User clicks on Ad for Lead Magnet
  2. The user goes to the sales page for Lead Magnet (this is a FREE Teachable course) and REGISTERS on Teachable to get it.
  3. Using the HACK you redirect the user to your TripWire page.
  4. You offer your LOW-COST course.
  5. When the user checks out they are ALREADY REGISTERED and the checkout process is frictionless, resulting in a much higher percentage of conversions than just running cold traffic to this lead magnet.



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