“Oh, please, please, please! Then the money just appeared, it felt like freedom!” The Teachable Course Launch (and how Pat Flynn guided this frustrated entrepreneur to online course selling success)

“Reachable were able to restructure the course in a way that made so much more sense for the launch. Helped me with the launch sequence and with a pretty bare-bones launch, no advertising, no webinar, just email marketing and social, we totally killed our goals. We broke through the Teachable August creator challenge. It was awesome!”

Pat: That’s really amazing. Well, first of all, congrats on the success and the journey.

“when we launched, and you’re sort of white knuckling it on those first hours like, “Oh, please, please, please,” because you’re really not sure if anyone’s going to buy it. And then we had a really solid first day, but then they just kept coming in at a nice clip and the money just appeared. It felt like freedom because there were no invoices to clients. There were no POs to fill out and paper checks to track down.”

Thanks to the advice from Pat Flynn, Lea outsourced her sales funnel, digital marketing and course launch strategy to the team at Reachable.agency



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